A small town with huge possibilities

Åre has a large number of hotels and conference venues suited for groups of up to several hundred people. Åre is also an excellent choice for even larger meetings since the TV4 Sport Arena holds 1,550 people and there are 1,200 rooms within a 10-minute walk of the arena.

Åre is a small town, which means that most places are within walking distance. Even the fantastic outdoors is not far away. The mountains, the wilderness and the lake will literally be at the edge of your door, which means that the members of your group will get to experience nature during your meeting in Åre.

Here you can keep your group together and have high visibility for your brand.

Åre Convention Bureau believes it should be easy for you to book your meetings in Åre. Our assistance is free, we are not paid commission and we are experts on Åre.

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Production: TVÅre 2011.

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  • Air – Total travel time to Åre

    2.5 hrs from Stockholm, including transfer 4.5 hrs from Amsterdam via Trondheim
4.5 hrs from London via Trondheim

    3.5 hrs from Copenhagen via Trondheim

    3 hrs from Oslo via Trondheim
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    Åre Convention Bureau

    c/o ÅRE Destination AB
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    SE-837 52 Åre