A small mountain village and a metropolis

Åre is a small village in Jämtland nestled between the foot of Mount Åreskutan and the shores of Lake Åresjön. It is a small mountain village as well as a metropolis. It is Scandinavia’s largest ski resort and an active village all year long.

Åre is unique. Here you can rub shoulders with entrepreneurs, ski bums, investors, conference participants, party-goers and tourists from around the world. The result is a small town with a big-city pulse and activities and adventures to meet every need.

There are 32,000 beds in Åre. The largest venue, TV4 Sport Arena, holds 1,550 people in cinema seating and is located next to the shore of Lake Åresjön at Holiday Club. There are 1,200 hotel rooms and well-equipped apartments in Åre that are within a 10-minute walk from TV4 Sport Arena.

Åre’s proximity to nature offers fantastic opportunities for spending time outdoors, which adds an extra dimension to the meeting for participants.

A safe place in an expanding and innovative region
Åre is a small mountain village with safe surroundings. Previous experience of successful international meetings with high security demands has shown a perfect capacity to offer full security at events. Such meetings include the EAPC/NATO Safety Forum in May 2005, ENCORE/EU Environment Conference in June 2006 and the Informal Meetings of the Energy and Environment Ministers in July 2009 during the Swedish presidency of the EU.

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  • Air – Total travel time to Åre

    2.5 hrs from Stockholm, including transfer 4.5 hrs from Amsterdam via Trondheim
4.5 hrs from London via Trondheim

    3.5 hrs from Copenhagen via Trondheim

    3 hrs from Oslo via Trondheim
  • Contact

    Åre Convention Bureau

    c/o ÅRE Destination AB
    Sankt Olavs väg 33
    SE-837 52 Åre