The opportunities for adventure and unique experiences are almost limitless in Åre.

Below is a small selection of what’s available. For further information, check with the different activity companies or contact Åre Convention Bureau. Both the activity companies and Åre CVB can advise you on suitable activities based on the season and your particular group.

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Swoosh down the hill and experience the thrill of speed! An airboard (an advanced inflatable mattress with steering) allows you to hover across the snow. You lie down on the airboard with your nose just inches off the ground.

Beaver safari

Set out from Åre beach in a canoe or kayak to visit the small lakes where the beavers build their lodges. Your best chance of spotting beavers will be during the evening.


 Just outside the old copper mine in Huså old limestone are caves that stretch more than 400 m into the mountain. Come and explore them for an adventure you won’t soon forget!



Prepare an authentic Sami meal over the tent campfire or cook a delicious lunch up on the mountain.


 Cycle downhill along the bike paths of Mount Åreskutan or cross-country on the area’s gravel paths and forest trails. To truly experience Åreskutan, why not take a course or a guided tour for a couple of hours? There’s a bike for everyone!


No previous experience required. Simply take a seat in the sled which is drawn by of energetic dogs. Travel into the wilderness and stop for a coffee our lunch in the great wide open along the way.



 Åre offers fishing in both still and running waters. You can buy a fishing permit once in Åre and tackle, row boats and canoes can be rented here too.


 Visit Åre golfklubb a beautiful forest and park course situated by the rapids of the Indalsälven River. Rushing water, imposing mountains and forests and 18 varied holes.


A helicopter makes travelling the Swedish mountains quick and easy. The pilot will deposit you on a peak and you and your guides will enjoy untouched snow and unforgettable runs. You’ll have the mountain all to yourself.



 Come hiking with us in the Jämtland mountains. Our knowledgeable guides can tell you about the local culture, flora and fauna as you enjoy the stunning surroundings. We can offer everything from relaxed rambles to strenuous hikes.


 Hurl yourself down the ski runs in an advanced stock car. The car has no engine; only the force of gravity and your own nerve propel your forward! You ride the ski lift up the hill and roll down a designated course at your own chosen speed.

Ice climbing

The feeling of scaling your way up a wall of sheer ice using crampons and an ice axe is magical. The reward you get when you reach the top and get to experience the view makes it all the more satisfying!


Igloo sleepover

igloo beskurenOvernight stay in private igloo with 2 beds. Price includes bath in the common hot tub and breakfast. The bed is made up of snow and ice and covered with pelts. Here awaits a warm and comfortable sleeping bag rated for polar cold.

Ice Driving

Adrenaline filled driving experiences and driver education on lake ice, in Porsche 911s and other high performance cars. You will be a safer, better driver by teaching you how to handle powerful event cars in different situations and at different speeds.

Kayaking and canoeing

 Canoes and kayaks are available to rent and we also offer guided paddling excursions and courses.



Mount Åreskutan is one of the best places in Sweden to go paragliding or hang gliding. In fact, the conditions here attract pilots from near and far. Skysport can set you up with a tandem flying session; or why not get your very own pilot’s licence?


Here you need to master your fears in order to step over the precipice. At times you’re dangling freely in the air, a feeling that cannot be described – you need to experience it for yourself.


Go hacking in the magical mountains on Haflinger or Icelandic horses.


Sami Experience

The Sami people have been living off the land in the Åre area for thousands of years. Let us show you our Sápmi to give you a chance to experience nature here our way.

Ski and off-piste tours

Åre’s skiing area offers an impressive 102 runs and 46 lifts. The guides are experts in the area and can adapt the selection of trails to the level of the group while also helping you find the best snow and the best runs so you get the most out of your day on the slopes.


Snowbiking combines cycling and skiing. Regardless of whether you have no experience whatsoever of alpine skiing or can fly down the black runs, you can be sure to have a satisfying experience.



Feel the speed of the wind and travel across the snow in a way that you never believed possible. Learn the basics of snowkiting and test how it feels to glide across the vastness. Jump higher and further than ever before or try skiing up the slope of a mountain.

Snowmobile safari

Come along on an unforgettable snowmobile safari into the wilderness of Jämtland. Experience the feeling of freedom in the snow-clad landscape. The are many different options, from a one-hour tour to a multi-day tour that is combined with other activities.


 Slide across the snow in the inner tube of a tractor tyre. Forget aching feet after a day in your ski boots, and the feeling of lactic acid in your thighs. Snowtubing is as simple and fun as it looks and it is truly an activity for everyone.


Stand Up Paddleboard

S.U.P (stand up paddleboard) is a fantastic form of exercise and nature experience that most people can do. After going through a bit of theory, we head off into Åresjön Lake or another appropriate body of water. You might see beavers and other animals along the beach.

Whitewater rafting

 The Åre mountains are perfect for running-water activities, including whitewater paddling and kayaking. Try it for a day or sign up for a three-day beginners’ course.


 Ziplining is the perfect activity for those looking for an exhilarating experience. Enjoy a different perspective on the beautiful nature at Mount Åreskutan as you zip around in a harness high above the ground.



 Two people are strapped in opposite each other in a giant clear plastic ball (diameter 3.5 metres) using safety harnesses. We will give you a push to set you off, allowing the ball to bounce and roll freely down a grassy hill.

Åre Crazy Wintergames

Brush off your inner child, add some competition…and you get Åre Crazy Wintergames. This is the perfect activity for groups that are not quite homogenous but still want to do something fun and different at the conference.

Åre Creative Challenge

 Want to become more familiar both with Åre and with each other? Use our in-house crafted, easy-to-use app for Android to complete various creative tasks around town. You’ll need a strategy for competing against the other teams!

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