Åre boasts a wide range of sights and day trip destinations; from folk museums, shepherd’s shelters, museums and churches to spectacular scenery. Below are just some of our favourites.

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Fröå Gruva

This beautifully situated old copper mine dating back to 1744 has been lovingly rebuilt and restored. Take a guided tour or explore the old water canals on your own.

Telephone: +46 647 506 18

Moose Garden

Visit the moose garden west of Duved. Learn about the moose and take the opportunity to get up close to this majestic mammal!

Telephone: +46 647 200 35

Njarka Samicamp

Experience authentic Sami culture. Take a seat in the tent and journey back in time. Experience everyday Sami life including everything from lasso throwing to bread baking.

Telephone: +46 647 250 42



A large, beautiful waterfall measuring 50 m across with a drop of 14 m. The waterfall is easily accessible, making it a perfect excursion destination for any group.

Telephone: +46 647 302 00


Sweden’s largest waterfall has a total drop of 38 m and a water flow of 700 cubic metres per second. A humbling experience!

Telephone: +46 647 230 23

Åre Chocolate Factory

Visit the factory to find out how these delicious chocolates are made. Sample the tasty pralines, truffles and fudge. The perfect present to take home!

Telephone: +46 647 155 80


Åre Old Church

The church was built in the second half of the 12th century and has served as a place of worship for visitors and locals for centuries.

Åre Glashytta

Visit the glassworks and learn about the process of glass blowing from start to finish. There is also a large exhibition gallery and a shop on site.

Telephone: +46 647 220 60

Mount Åreskutan

The peak of Mount Åreskutan measures 1,420 metres above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the mountains of western Jämtland. Take the Kabin cableway up to 1,240 metres above sea level and hike the last bit up to the top.

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