Conference planning

Here you will find specialist competence in all of Åre’s off-the-beaten-trail locations as well as in meeting administration.

There are a number of specialists in Åre who can help you plan a successful conference. You can focus on the meeting and the participants while the conference planner handles everything behind the scenes: hotel and travel reservations, lunch and dinner programs, planning and booking of activities, speakers, etc. The conference planner can also be there to welcome the guests as they arrive in Åre.


BokaÅreConferences & creative meetings in Åre – all year round!


Congresso Behind a perfect conference is a lot of work to make sure that there are no problems. We have many years of experience in managing projects and booking and organising conferences, congresses and meetings.


FjällkonferensFjällkonferens customises your conference, kick-off, meeting, congress or event in Åre. This is our core business and the only thing we do.


Skistar Grupp & Konferens

Welcome to an inspiring conference, kick-off or other form of group trip to the mountains. SkiStar Grupp & Konferens helps tailor packages that meet the specific needs of you and your group.

Årekonferens AB

Årekonferens Årekonferens is your personal conference arranger in Åre. We have been arranging successful events in Åre since 2004 and we know what works. We have specialised in tailoring unique packages and know what will be right for your company.

Midland Event


Midland Event welcomes national and international groups to Åre. We have great experience from organizing all types of bespoke meetings, incentive programs, brand experience, activities and teambuilding. We stand for profound local knowledge, quality assurance, smooth logistics, great event management and more.

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