A small mountain town and a metropolis

There are 65 restaurants and bars in Åre and a number of nightclubs. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the Swedish mountains and there is more to choose from here than in many Swedish cities.

Åre is located in Jämtland and the absence of heavy industry means that the air and water are extremely clean. Local produce, such as lamb from sheep grazing on the ski slopes, schnapps made from mountain water, beef from small local farms, char from mountain lakes and moose, reindeer, mushrooms and berries from the forest, is heavily featured on many restaurants’ menus, which we are very proud of.

Overview of restaurants in Åre »

Buustamons Fjällgård

Buustamons FjällgårdBuustamons Fjällgård Restaurant and Distillery is located just at the tree line in the Swedish mountains. Excellent kitchen and own distillery.

Carins Krog & Carins Stuga

Carins Krog & Carins StugaCarins Krog serves an à la carte menu in the centre of Åre Björnen and Carins Stuga is reached by dogsled or snowmobile.

Copperhill Mountain Lodge

Copperhill Mountain LodgeSeveral different restaurant concepts that are perfect for both small and large groups. Both of the hotel’s restaurants are recommended in the White Guide.


Fjällgården – Grill Fjällgården

FjällgårdenFjällgården’s dinner restaurant under a new brand: Grill Fjällgården. Start your experience at Åre Torg Square with a ride on the Bergbanan railway.

Holiday Club

Holiday ClubA culinary experience and fun. Holiday Club offers several different restaurants for both large and small groups.


Hotel Åregården

Hotel Diplomat ÅregårdenDining room, lobby bar, after ski, night clubs and entertainment by Wallmans or the best Swedish artists at Country Club. In the heart of Åre.


Karolinen Täljstenskrogen

Karolinen Täljstenskrog
At Täljstenskrogen, the main course is prepared on warm stones next to the tables.


The perfect meeting place for companies of all sizes that are looking to offer something extra.

Tott Matsal & Bar

Tott Matsal & Bar
A fantastic blend of flavours from Jämtland and Northern Italy. Rustic food for real skiers.


Vålådalens Fjällstation

Vålådalens FjällstationThe restaurant has been selected by Smakriket Jämtland, which means that the emphasis is on serving carefully chosen local produce. The food and drinks menu is created with your input. Mealtimes are enjoyed in front of a view of the Jämtland Mountains and Vålådalen Nature Reserve.

Åregranen – Granen Matsal

Granen MatsalReindeer and char, home cooking and flavours from beyond the mountains of Jämtland. Home-made from scratch.


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  • Air – Total travel time to Åre

    2.5 hrs from Stockholm, including transfer 4.5 hrs from Amsterdam via Trondheim
4.5 hrs from London via Trondheim

    3.5 hrs from Copenhagen via Trondheim

    3 hrs from Oslo via Trondheim
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    Åre Convention Bureau

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    SE-837 52 Åre